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Working Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 Mob/Whatsapp/WeChat:008613760484340

Digital Voice Recorder

Earphone & Headphone



Smart Watch & Wristband
Kid Smart Watch
Bluetooth Smart Watch
SIM Card Smart Watch
Android OS Smart Watch
Smart Bracelet

Earphone & Headphone
Bluetooth Earphone & Headphone
In Ear & Ear Hook Earphone
Warm Headphone
Wired Headset
Earphone Accessories

Digital Voice Recorder

Camera & Camcorder
Ordro Camcorder
Mini Camcorder
Robot Camera
Sports Camera
Kid Camera
Hunting Camera
Digital Camera

MP3 Player

Bluetooth Speaker
USB Speaker
Power Amplifier

Smart Glasses
VR Glasses
All in One 3D Glasses
AR Glasses
Camera Glasses

Wired Microphone
Headset Microphone
BOYA Microphone
Interview Microphone

Digital Cable
Audio Cable
AV Cable for TV


Product order will be shipped within 120 hours, open to booking commodity in expire after delivery, please be patient.


Products update frequently, can seek advice before place the order online customer service, also can directly to place an order.


All product pictures using real photos, different types of equipment, while browsing will have off color, hope you can understand.


Commodities such as the wrong size, customer self-care shipping exchange, such as the quality of goods, the shop bear the freight exchange.
  1. Android OS Smart Watch
  2. Bluetooth Earphone & Headphone
  3. All in One VR Glasses
  4. Digital Voice Recorder


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Product will be shipped within 5 days,normally 35-45 days to almost countries,we promise 60 days for all countries(only brazil is 90 days).

If there is any quality problem with product or queries in using,please contact us first in stead of dispute or negative/neutral feedback.

Please help us to leave positive feedback with all 5 stars after getting parcel and confirmation,we will do same for customers.

Email: 496953369 Mob/Whatsapp:008613760484340 Skype: mascara_zhou

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